We’ve added a couple of Web Site Accelerators to your Control Panel so that you can efficiently improve the overall performance of your sites. You won’t have to enhance anything within the code or try to make special adjustments that need tech expertise on your part. In the Control Panel, only pick the application you want to work with – Memcached, Node.js and Varnish and generate an instance for it. It is all carried out with a click of the mouse. By quickening your websites, won’t just prevent your visitors from needing to wait around but can even make your site rank higher in search engine listings.

You’ll find the Web Site Accelerators inside the Advanced Tools section of your Control Panel.


RAM–caching as an alternative to data base queries

If you have an active database–operated website or application, it could possibly have problems loading quick for the visitors due to the multiple calls delivered to the data base. To let you fix the page running trouble, we’ve incorporated the Memcached platform within the Control Panel.

Memcached is known as a robust distributed memory object caching system, which caches data and also objects in the server’s RAM to stop the data base from being queried whenever a visitor loads a certain webpage. Using this method, your web site pages are going to load quicker for customers and definately will improve the chance for them to come back.

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RAM–caching as a substitute for HTTP requests

For those of you who have content–heavy dynamic sites with lot’s of pics plus movies, you’ll surely need to make sure that your web pages stream extremely fast for your visitors. A really good instrument you have available is the Varnish HTTP acceleration solution that will assist you to increase the speed of your sites without requiring that you possess any particular computing knowledge.

Varnish saves all demands towards the server within the server memory and ships the webpages rapidly to the customer by evading brand–new requests towards the hosting server. In this way, the web pages on your website are going to be delivered 300 – 1000x times more quickly for your visitors. Also, you can select whether the inbound queries will be handled by Varnish, or by the hosting server, etc.

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Generate scalable web apps without hassle

Node.js offers a contemporary programming program for forming scalable web apps and web sites in record time. It could be utilized for just about anything – from dealing with API queries, streaming information plus parsing email messages to converting graphics, audio files, movies and office files.

It is based on the Google V8 JavaScript engine and additionally uses an event–based, non–blocking I/O model that makes it lightweight and useful. Moreover, Node.js possesses a significant supporting community that makes constant updates to the program and is also at all times in a position to aid.

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