From within the Databases Manager integrated into the Control Panel, it will be easy to make brand–new MySQL and PgSQL databases in an instant! At the same time, you have direct access to the administrative area software tools (phpMyAdmin and phpPgAdmin, respectively), meaning you can quickly manage the database you want.

Neat and User–friendly Interface

Maintain all of your databases from just one location

The Databases Manager inside our Control Panel has an effective but user–friendly and uncomplicated interface. You can set up a brand new MySQL or PostgreSQL database simply by entering a user name and security password. Moreover, you could make a back–up file or change the password of the database with merely a mouse click.

With the Databases Manager you will possess immediate access to the administrative area for each of your databases, which means you can make effortless adjustments in the event you have to.

Hepsia File Manager

Simple Database Back–up

Back up your databases in just a moment

We’ve designed the manual database backup creation into a quite simple job. To do this: within the Databases Manager, click the ’clock’ image next to the database that you plan to back up and wait around for a couple of seconds for the backup process to take place. Depending upon the size of your database, the generation of the back–up file can take between a few seconds and a minute.

You may make as many backup copies of a database as you desire. We’ve not determined any confines for the amount of databases that you can back up either.

Hepsia File Manager