The fivebubbles Control Panel has been designed to bring in advancement to the commonplace site control interface. The earlier Control Panel pioneer – cPanel, was developed more than a decade ago and hasn’t ever gone through an important upgrade since that time. The fivebubbles Control Panel is based on the ideas of the present day, carrying comfort and intuitiveness to all web–site management operations you could bring to mind.

Go all the way down and do a comparison of the 2 main Control Panel solutions, learn more about their pros and cons and find out which one of them will meet your needs the most.

1. Domain/billing/site adjustments

If you need to control your domain names, web sites and invoicing from just one login page without needing to utilize any other panels, the fivebubbles Control Panel is simply for you.

The cPanel Control Panel doesn’t support parallel handling of domain names and websites. You will receive one invoicing panel for your domains and invoices, and a separate Control Panel for your web sites.

2. File Arrangement

With the fivebubbles Control Panel, your domains and subdomains are going to be independent from each other. Each individual site will have its own folder segregated from the rest inside the /home/ directory of your hosting account. You can easily change from concentrating on one site to maintaining another.

In the cPanel Control Panel, you’ll have 1 folder for your primary site and all of the the extra web sites are located within this directory. This makes maintaining many different sites from a single interface really perplexing.

3. File Manager

The fivebubbles File Manager is designed to work exactly like your desktop file explorer. Including attributes such as drag–and–drop file file publishing, right–click navigation menus, archive/unarchive functions, and so on., it’ll make managing your files quick and easy. Additionally, you will find an integrated WYSIWYG interface along with a code editor.

The File Manager of cPanel is slow and constrained in capabilities. Submitting various files needs a great deal of time and does not offer drag–n–drop support. The integrated archive/unarchive tool is difficult to rely on and the file managing tools present just simple controls. There’s no quick access to the included file administration capabilities.

4. Cost–free Bonus Features

In case you’re seeking to obtain a better value for your money, then the fivebubbles Control Panel is the best solution. It comes with 100–percent–free bonus features that are calculated to cost more than $1000. You will be able to use our Quick Website Installer, Web Application Installer, 1 Click Framework Installer, Complimentary Web Site Creating Instrument and you’ll have access to a large collection of no–cost web–site templates.

The cPanel Control Panel is distributed through a paid license and additional gifts are going to be included at an extra price. This means, even if your service provider gives totally free benefits in the cPanel, their particular cost will be included in the cost of your cloud hosting offer. In addition, the amount and sort of complimentary benefits will be different from one website hosting provider to another.

5. Control Panel Interface Operational Speed

We have designed the Control Panel to run flawlessly on our software and hardware exclusively. This makes it much quicker than other website management solutions. We have also tweaked it to

employ the total potential of your net connection – the better your Internet access is, the faster our Control Panel will be performing.

The cPanel Control Panel is set up on 1000s of machines, operating on a wide array of software and hardware configurations. Nevertheless, its widespread circulation ends in much slower and much less safe performance as compared with other Control Panel solutions that are designed for 1 platform exclusively.

6. Multi–domain name Controls

The fivebubbles Control Panel permits you to flawlessly maintain a lot of web sites along with their domains from one location. Every single site is going to have its own separate directory in the main directory of your hosting account and will be 100% separate from the rest. That way, you can employ only 1 web hosting account to control as many domain names and sites as you have.

If you attempt to host multiple domains in a cPanel web hosting account, you’ll be faced with a very perplexing folder hierarchy. By default, cPanel hosting accounts are built to manage only one domain. This way, if you have to deal with ten domains simultaneously, for example, you’ll need to configure 10 different accounts. Or else, all added domain names’ content files will be found in the directory of the primary domain.

7. Control Panel Navigation

The fivebubbles Control Panel is admittedly straightforward to browse through. You will find a practical top navigation menu, from where you can get to any section of the Control Panel, without having to go back to the index page every time. Additionally, we have designed a simple stats widget on the home page, so when you sign in, you will have an overview of how many visitors have recently visited your site.

In the cPanel main page, you will notice icons for all sections of the Control Panel. So, even if you never make use of a tool, you will still see it on the index page. Additionally, to navigate between the different sections, you have to return straight back to the main page and afterwards go to an internal section.

8. Test Control Panel Accounts

The fivebubbles Control Panel comes with a full demo that demonstrates nearly every menu and function it is equipped with. You could start building a website, add web applications, set up email addresses, and so forth. Thus, you can get a much more complete understanding of its user interface and capabilities before you sign up.

Through the demo account of the cPanel Control Panel, you’ll be able to solely get acquainted with look and feel of its interface. Almost all capabilities are unavailable and also you can’t actually navigate away the homepage. With many website hosting providers, you’ll be given entry to a generic cPanel demo version, and won’t have the ability to look at the Control Panel you’ll actually be employing to control your websites in case you enroll.

Using the fivebubbles Control Panel, maintaining your websites will be easy and pleasurable. Simply take a peek at fivebubbles’s Control Panel demo and look into the available resources and capabilities to find out by yourself.

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