By employing the PHP 1 Click Framework Installer provided in the fivebubbles Control Panel, you can quickly install a brand–new PHP framework for your brand new enterprise. No reason to seek the most recent variant of a framework and also spend time installing it. Everything you should do is solely specify the place of your PHP framework and afterwards click the Install button.

A large variety of frameworks offered

Start your online projects by using a framework

There are numerous PHP frameworks on the internet that are competing to offer the top platform for your personal sites. The PHP 1 Click Framework Installer has many of the most popular and widespread PHP frameworks: CakePHP, Akelos, CodeIgniter, Zend, Prado, Zoop, and PHPDevShell.

All of these frameworks can be installed with a click and it is kept updated to the latest stable version at all times.

Various PHP frameworks available

1–click PHP framework setting up

Your PHP framework is merely a mouse click away

The PHP 1 Click Framework Installer is created to operate on the same basic principle like our App Installer – using small effort required from you as well as the system conducting all the hard work for you. PHP frameworks are installed with merely a number of mouse clicks with no configuration demanded on your part. All you have to do is choose the spot of your respective PHP framework. That’s it.

We have a record of the running PHP frameworks and you can un–install every single PHP framework which you don’t need with merely a click.

1-click PHP framework installation